Learn to balance

Never let anyone to play

with your emotions.

Also never let your emotions to

play with your sense.

Learn to balance the feelings and sense.


Pack the fears

Once,she packed all her dreams and

bundled it because of her fears.

Now she’s trying to unpack the bundle again

and wanna pack the fears instead and bury it

somewhere,she can’t reach it again.

Lift yourself

Don’t be afraid to be a mainstream.

Don’t be shy to be different.

Just hold your head high

with the confidence.

Work hard on your self-efficacy

to make yourself competent

for your future goals.

Don’t expect anyone as a key

to unlock your success.

The joy of gifts🎁💝

Giftssssss!!! Everytime the word itself sounds so happy, right? For me it’s extra happy. Everyone like to receive a gift or to present especially from or to our loved ones.

I would like to share something about gifts today. Presenting gift to our special and loved ones is something very interesting and happiest one. I really love to put some effort when I want to give a gift to my friends but not for all, just to my special ones.

Yes, I buy a gift but along with it i always present something even more special to show my love for them,indeed. So, I used to prepare a card by my own and filled it with lots of messeges from my heart and try my best to show how much I love them. And everytime my friends would wait curiously on their special day for my cards more than my gifts even more than any others’ gifts.

Everytime I surprise them with different ideas and messeges in it. Here I want to say, we can buy any costliest gift for our friends, family or anyone to show that how much we love them and care for them. But, the best , cute and unique way to make them feel those things are by spending our time and an effort. They can’t genuinely feel it just by the things which you bought from the shop.

No matter how busy, I always find a time to make something special for my special ones. According to me , that’s what the real gift. Even in future, they could feel those words on it, actually from your heart and could feel your own handwriting and those effort you put.

Only I could make and create that feel but not something that I bought from the shops. That feel will never ever replace by anything i bought, this is what I feel personally.

Thanks for reading and how would you like to gift ?

Actually, I am a little bit busy with making something special for my bestie’s birthday 🎁😉

Adore yourself lavishly

Don’t LOVE yourself and think that

you are SUPERIOR than others.

Don’t HATE yourself and think that

you are INFERIOR than others.

Never ever compare your uniqueness

with others.

Just ADORE you and your everything.

Because you are YOU,

You are blessed,

You are awesome,

You are beautiful in your own way.

How to end the year?

Hi everyone 😊,
We all are already so exciting to start the fresh and empty year. And some would be busy with the new year plans, resolutions and gifts. So, I am here coming with some thoughts to end this year, actually how to not end the year.

Let’s start 👇

1.Don’t end this year with HATRED:
I always believe, the emotion, hatred is a worthless and a waste of time, it will never be benifitious. So don’t spare your precious time for something useless. This will destroy all your good traits. When you feel like don’t like something or someone just leave those things from mind which discomfort or irritate you. Practice your mind for that. Never hold the dislike or hatred. Let it go.

Hatred is a weak emotion which

will make you weaker.

2. Don’t end this year with REGRET:
About me, i’ve felt so regretful for this year, some things actually went wrong coz of me. And i’ve finished to feel so….coz there is no use to feel regretful everyday. We have to end it and work hard to rectify the things which fall apart. So after felt regreted start to feel experienced and learned.

3. Don’t end this year being UNSATISFIED:
Satisfaction is something will never end and have no boundaries. But just feel satisfied for this year, feel blessed and happy for this year apart from those setbacks. You are blessed to step into the next year. Work hard and make yourself competent to feel satisfy for the next year.

4. Don’t end this year without HOPE:
Hope is to create a better future. But sometimes the fears and some negative thoughts swipe away the hope and occupy the entire space in our mind. Don’t allow them to do so. Also we have some people with us, they will never allow our hope to grow. Be carefull and strong among them.

Hope is the heartbeat of our life.

5. Don’t end this year without SMILE on face:
The most prettiest and easiest language in universe is SMILE. The language of love, charm and kindness.Being happy and the smiley thing will never go out of fashion in any years. One thing, I love in myself is SMILING, even though we all experience a mixture of emotions, I always wanted to keep smile at the end. Everyone told me about the prettiest smile of mine ,which makes me more beautiful in look and attitude.

Our face and the smile are

the best pair ever.

6. Don’t end this year with the COMMAS:
Enough is enough. Just put full stop to those bitter memories. The most happiest things are awaiting to happen. Don’t try to carry the memories and people which you don’t deserve.We deserve to be the happiest among the hardships. So use those never ending commas to your hope,love, happiness and adventures.

End the year with the thought of……..


Love all,💞
Say no to hate,🚫
Stay happy and crazy,😄👻
Feel blessed.😇

And read more and more📖👓📚

Wishing you all

the very HAPPY NEW YEAR🎊

—Dhilshaa ❤️

So how you are going to end this year??😉

I have mine….

You can shoot the questions on me,

But you are not allowed to

frame the answer for it.

Coz, you have your answers

and I have mine.

Don’t judge me by your’s ,

may be mine will be the better one.

—Dhilshaa ❤️

Leibster Award😊: nominated✌️

I was so surprised, when I’ve seen the notification. I have read an award related blog 2 weeks ago. But I never thought about……what I am writing now. I have to thank people who are encouraged and left a lovely words for me in my posts.

And I m so glad that my blog was nominated by Afila Usman,mommybyname. I love her blog ❤️

Why is the leibster award?
It took sometime to know about this. Well, the leibster award is given by bloggers to the bloggers,which helps them to know more about those bloggers and it helps to encourage and discover the new bloggers.

Leibster award rules:

1.Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award.

2.Answer 11 questions to the blogger gives you.

3.Give 11 random facts about yourself.

4.Nominate 11 blogs and notify them of their nominations.

5.Give 11 questions to answer.

And here we go!!

1.What made you to start a blog?
I’ve actually inspired by my favourite blogger Nakul Grover, his book left an impact on me. Also I always wanted to do something worthy then I chose this.

2.Are you allergic to any specific thing?

3.Do you have any kind of phobia?
Fear to express…..

4.What are all your New Year resolutions?
I am not used to those resolutions….

5.What is your hobby?
In my free time, I like to draw and to make bookmarks, greetings cards.

6.Who is your role model?
My dad❤️ is my forever role model for how to be…..also sometimes for a things how to don’t be like.

7.What is your favourite food?
Briyani. My kind of love😋.

8.What is your favourite book?
“Wings of fire”, I started my journey of reading from this and “Superhuman in you” gave a strong impact on me.

9.What kind of films do you watch?
I m not that much interested in films but I like to watch cartoon films.

10.What is your opinion on WordPress?
A vast platform to share our thoughts and to learn and explore a lot and to find new people.

11.If you have a superpower to change something what will you change?
If I have a superpower means…..I will definitely change something on girls’ education,the system and for homeless people.

11 random facts about me:

1. I love to read and read and read.😍

2. Till now I used to write with pen and paper than any gadgets.✍️

3. I am a hijabi, which is by my own choice.❤️

4. I love to explore new places and to know new people and about their cultures.💞

5. I don’t believe in luck and those love at first sight.

6. I always want to have a cat as my pet, but my mom would never allow me to do so. Even she said no to Panda and Elephant, which are most favourites 😜😋.

7. I am so pious and I feel so blessed for that.😇

8. I am a crybaby too…….I used to cry frequently for everything but no-one can see me cry.🙈🙈

9. I never care about others opinion or judgement on me.✌️✌️

10. I am a foodie and kind of annoying, that i always disturb my surroundings, if I am comfortable with those people.👻👻

11. I am a good secret keeper and an advicer , this is what I often heard from people.🙊🙊







6. simpleula.com






Congratulations for all the nominees. All the best. Can’t wait to read more.

Happy Blogging!!✌️


Questions for the nominees:

1.How did you pick your blog’s name?

2.What’s your favorite post that you’ve written?

3.What does your perfect day look like?

4.What does your perfect day look like?

5.Describe yourself in two words.

6.What is your favourite book?

7.What is your opinion on WordPress?

8.What are all your New Year resolutions?

9.What made you to start a blog?

10.what’s your opinion on fear?

11. If you have to talk about something to different batch of people again and again mean….which topic you would choose?

Geographical study💑…..

I want to study the romantic geography with you…..a practical study😜😜
The travel with the maps and
roaming on the roads and
walking through the sea sides
holding your hands and
sitting at the edge of the mountain,
my head on your shoulder and
the tiny romantic camp tent⛺ at forest
under the moon light and
laying on the grass land and
counting the twinkling stars and giggling and
talking like a kids then when we exhaust and
talking softly about you and me…..us❤️
Just hold me through your eyes😍
never loosen the grip💕
Atlast…….all we own from eachother
is our heart💓

And now, I have written this for one of the writing app. I’ve added some lines now.In that app, they used to give a daily word challenge for their writers.

One day they gave a chance to choose a word from any subjects like maths, biology, chemistry and suddenly i’ve written this. Because when i’ve gone through some of the posts they used maths, chemistry and physics asusual that we can see anywhere.

When i share this on my other social media accounts one of my friend asked me ” How could you find GEOGRAPHY subject as that much romantic😂😂”.

So what you guys think about it?😜

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