I wonder…….

How some people hate reading.

How poor they are?

Don’t they want to know something apart from their knowledge?

Some said it’s a waste of time 😏

But it is a problem of lacking patience and concentration.

It’s actually an investment of time from which you can gain an information and knowledge about basic manners, emotions, feelings and everything from someone experienced.

Atlast it’s just a personal mindset and preference.

For me while I m reading a book, a novel I could forget all my sadness also sometimes my normal mood will change to the happiest one. I can feel the magic,that author’s words can sooth me. Also I could know about lots of place and their details through books. And lots of ideas about daily life, relationships and a lot and lot.

But sometimes it makes me weep by taking me back to some of the memories which I miss or yearn for. Only those magical words can do that and indeed that’s impossible to everyone to be a great magician to do those magic through words.



2 thoughts on “I wonder…….

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  1. I totally understand!! I LOVE to read, as much as I can. This week, since I’ve been done with school, I’ll probably finish two books, and start a third! I also find them to be an escape and sometimes a mood changer. Reading is a way to learn – about other times, how to create (if you’re a writer) stories and plots and descriptions, etc. My boyfriend doesn’t like to read books, just blogs and web pages, and that makes me sad, honestly. So glad to have found your blog!

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