In the world of words.

The word ‘WORD’ itself makes me realize sometimes that I am not alone. Because the compilation of words called ‘BOOK’ never let me alone. Also, my own words from my pen helps me as pile of wings to fly through the clouds of imagination. Finally, it has changed my state of being LONELY into SOLITUDE.

A good book is like a garage’s best tool to repair your broken heart and scattered dreams. It will definitely give you new lights on your damaged soul and you can cross those dark and hopeless desperate road with those lights of hope.

On the other side the words which hop out when you felt something good or bad from your heart and mind into the paper through the transport medium of pen can heal your wounded soul.

May be the strings of words can fail to express the feelings. But the process of that ‘EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS into WORDS’ will never fails to comfort that ragged soul.

So, for that sometimes,atleast once, try to pen down your inner thoughts, emotions and pain. You will definitely know that what actually you are feeling and hiding and maintaining for the people.Try to know yourself by taking a pen.

When I take a pen,

I could fly like a bird without any limits.

I could sink like a broken ship slowly to the deep.

I could talk like having someone to hear me always.

I could feel the feelings of mine, from the bottom of my heart.

I could know the thougts of mine, from deep inside my mind.

Above all,

I can observe myself like ,how the paper would absorb the ink.

I can feel my happiness and free my sadness .

Sometimes, while writing you could put some effect on your defiance voice into an effective words.But never write to boast or to impress others.

Write,just to comfort your heart from the deep down through the world of words.



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