Be a self pleaser….

From our childhood, pleasing is a behaviour of our regular basis.We used to please our parents, teachers, friends everyone to get what we want and for something wrong we did even when didn’t. We used to please for every unnecessary things too.

Never be a people pleaser.

Don’t think about others opinion on you.

Our mind have a habit of using the word please for everything whether it needs or not.Some of us are really expert to please someone. But what happen, when you need to please your own self?

Be a self pleaser at a right time.
You will become a successor at anytime.

Are we doing it? Please ourself ? When we need more? Most of us’ drawbacks are we don’t please with us when we need to be strong ,focused and hold on.

We must have to please ourself and use the tricks of pleasing actually here,when we have no one to help us and encourage us.we have to please us when we don’t have any one to support us and love us. We have to please us when we are alone and decided to give up.

We always ready to please others and shed tears when they abonden us. On that time we have to wake-up and please ourself to our inner soul. We don’t need someone, to achieve what you want. Ofcourse,it feels good and strong when you have someone beside to boost you up and share your everything.

But our life are not meant to be for getting everything we want. At that time, we have to be a self pleaser to our inner self and make it get up and feel those positive vibes around.

So never get used to please anyone,
Whether to love , support or encourage you.
Instead learn to please yourself,
when you have to be strong and alone.

When you unnecessaryly please everyone, you’ll lose your value.



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  1. I love this!! And your writing style, very much. And the blog theme is pretty cool too! i have definitely found as I’ve gotten older that you can’t please everyone. If you try to, you lose a part of yourself and can end up resenting yourself too.

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