Stuck in memories…..

In life people come and go. And we are not concern about every farewells. But when some people leave us, we don’t want them to leave but can’t do anything. Because we can’t keep someone stay when that don’t want. It’s really the toughest.

But when they left, their memories stubbornly stay with us. And we are like,”Please get lost with them,I too deserve to be happy”😒……And now we too even don’t want their memories coz we know it hurts. Is there any way to bid a farewell to those memories as well?…No. But in the flow of days we could manage to overcome those memories, of course. But what we do in the meanwhile.

On those situation, we could lost the trust in people. Because of those fickle-minded people we give up on every people and would become pistanthrophobic. They leave fear along with those memories.

I didn’t experience this that deep but sometimes…yes. But I was a witness in my friends’ situation and I’ve tried to comfort them a lot. But who can help for those memories in their mind.So the rest is in their own hand.

We would to see these things as an experience some day.But for that we would have to hold on with hope to be in that day. Those pain will subside definitely, but the course of time we’ve wasted for the person who abonded us wouldn’t recover.

A life is a mixed of everything. So we have give time for everything, the happiness after sorrow and the decision after choas. Unfortunately, we have to choose one at a time and that one should be an elevator in the process of reaching the better future.

Wasting time on people and the feelings which they put into trash is not what we deserve. We deserve really more. So, wake from those pathetic scene,which you think that is….. And come to the sense, accept the present and the truth. Move on.

Don’t stuck in those moment and memory. Work hard to create something which you deserve, coz everyone deserves to be the successful and the happiest .

So don’t just be happy everyday,
be the happiest, always.😊

Dhilshaa ❤️


2 thoughts on “Stuck in memories…..

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  1. This is so very true. I have definitely been hurt by others like you have said, and sometimes it is hard to breathe, the memories can overcome you so much. But I have found that when I tell myself it takes less energy to be indifferent, it helps. And as you say, if they have thrown your feelings in the trash, you know they are not worrying about you either.

    Great post, Dhilshaa, thank you for sharing your writing gift with the world.

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