Geographical study💑…..

I want to study the romantic geography with you…..a practical study😜😜
The travel with the maps and
roaming on the roads and
walking through the sea sides
holding your hands and
sitting at the edge of the mountain,
my head on your shoulder and
the tiny romantic camp tent⛺ at forest
under the moon light and
laying on the grass land and
counting the twinkling stars and giggling and
talking like a kids then when we exhaust and
talking softly about you and me…❤️
Just hold me through your eyes😍
never loosen the grip💕
Atlast…….all we own from eachother
is our heart💓

And now, I have written this for one of the writing app. I’ve added some lines now.In that app, they used to give a daily word challenge for their writers.

One day they gave a chance to choose a word from any subjects like maths, biology, chemistry and suddenly i’ve written this. Because when i’ve gone through some of the posts they used maths, chemistry and physics asusual that we can see anywhere.

When i share this on my other social media accounts one of my friend asked me ” How could you find GEOGRAPHY subject as that much romantic😂😂”.

So what you guys think about it?😜

Dhilshaa ❤️


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