How to end the year?

Hi everyone 😊,
We all are already so exciting to start the fresh and empty year. And some would be busy with the new year plans, resolutions and gifts. So, I am here coming with some thoughts to end this year, actually how to not end the year.

Let’s start 👇

1.Don’t end this year with HATRED:
I always believe, the emotion, hatred is a worthless and a waste of time, it will never be benifitious. So don’t spare your precious time for something useless. This will destroy all your good traits. When you feel like don’t like something or someone just leave those things from mind which discomfort or irritate you. Practice your mind for that. Never hold the dislike or hatred. Let it go.

Hatred is a weak emotion which

will make you weaker.

2. Don’t end this year with REGRET:
About me, i’ve felt so regretful for this year, some things actually went wrong coz of me. And i’ve finished to feel so….coz there is no use to feel regretful everyday. We have to end it and work hard to rectify the things which fall apart. So after felt regreted start to feel experienced and learned.

3. Don’t end this year being UNSATISFIED:
Satisfaction is something will never end and have no boundaries. But just feel satisfied for this year, feel blessed and happy for this year apart from those setbacks. You are blessed to step into the next year. Work hard and make yourself competent to feel satisfy for the next year.

4. Don’t end this year without HOPE:
Hope is to create a better future. But sometimes the fears and some negative thoughts swipe away the hope and occupy the entire space in our mind. Don’t allow them to do so. Also we have some people with us, they will never allow our hope to grow. Be carefull and strong among them.

Hope is the heartbeat of our life.

5. Don’t end this year without SMILE on face:
The most prettiest and easiest language in universe is SMILE. The language of love, charm and kindness.Being happy and the smiley thing will never go out of fashion in any years. One thing, I love in myself is SMILING, even though we all experience a mixture of emotions, I always wanted to keep smile at the end. Everyone told me about the prettiest smile of mine ,which makes me more beautiful in look and attitude.

Our face and the smile are

the best pair ever.

6. Don’t end this year with the COMMAS:
Enough is enough. Just put full stop to those bitter memories. The most happiest things are awaiting to happen. Don’t try to carry the memories and people which you don’t deserve.We deserve to be the happiest among the hardships. So use those never ending commas to your hope,love, happiness and adventures.

End the year with the thought of……..


Love all,💞
Say no to hate,🚫
Stay happy and crazy,😄👻
Feel blessed.😇

And read more and more📖👓📚

Wishing you all

the very HAPPY NEW YEAR🎊

Dhilshaa ❤️

So how you are going to end this year??😉


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  1. hey there dhilsha…happy to read your blog … i am a new blogger,in fact i haven’t started posting yet. This post was very positive and motivating start for a happy year.

    Liked by 1 person

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