The joy of gifts🎁💝

Giftssssss!!! Everytime the word itself sounds so happy, right? For me it’s extra happy. Everyone like to receive a gift or to present especially from or to our loved ones.

I would like to share something about gifts today. Presenting gift to our special and loved ones is something very interesting and happiest one. I really love to put some effort when I want to give a gift to my friends but not for all, just to my special ones.

Yes, I buy a gift but along with it i always present something even more special to show my love for them,indeed. So, I used to prepare a card by my own and filled it with lots of messeges from my heart and try my best to show how much I love them. And everytime my friends would wait curiously on their special day for my cards more than my gifts even more than any others’ gifts.

Everytime I surprise them with different ideas and messeges in it. Here I want to say, we can buy any costliest gift for our friends, family or anyone to show that how much we love them and care for them. But, the best , cute and unique way to make them feel those things are by spending our time and an effort. They can’t genuinely feel it just by the things which you bought from the shop.

No matter how busy, I always find a time to make something special for my special ones. According to me , that’s what the real gift. Even in future, they could feel those words on it, actually from your heart and could feel your own handwriting and those effort you put.

Only I could make and create that feel but not something that I bought from the shops. That feel will never ever replace by anything i bought, this is what I feel personally.

Thanks for reading and how would you like to gift ?

Actually, I am a little bit busy with making something special for my bestie’s birthday 🎁😉

Dhilshaa ❤️


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