Birthday post😋😍

Feeling so happy to share my 22nd special day with you all, new people, new friends. At last, the day is gonna end. Unlike like the past years this I’ve got lots of wishes and love from so many people who likes my writing and thoughts. Its feeling so different. And like an opportunity they take this day and let me know that what they feel about me and thoughts and write-ups.

I am so grateful to my almighty for the my blessed life, parents,friends and everything. Even thought at some point I experience hardships and something….. but at the end of the day. I feel so blessed ❤️…….always.

Also, on our birthday, we have a chance to know what are the things changed so far through the year. I can feel the changes. And till confused to settle it in my mind.

And the main purpose for this post is……. usually I love to feed my mind like all of you do. So, I just wish to get some good thoughts from you, who are reading this right now on my day.😊

And don’t forget to wish me😋✌️

Dhilshaa ❤️


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