why and how i forgot THAT🤔?

Drawing is exercise for

a restless imagination.

Tim Burton

Today I am coming up with some of my childhood throwbacks. Two days ago, I saw a post of drawing from my fellow blogger, Novus Lectio. Then it has suddenly reminded me about my forgotten habit of drawing. When we were kids everyone loves to draw and I was like that too but… Ohh my God, how could I forget something which I loved the most in my childhood.

When I was in my 6th grade, I started to draw desperately and no one could see me without my drawing note. I was so picky to choose my drawing note coz I always wanted it to look so cool also my drawing kit.

Till my 11th grade I used to draw and kept my drawing note with me always in my bag. So everyone around me was knew that I could draw. And my dad, he never failed to gave me ideas and to bought me the drawing kits.

Also I want to tell about my best friend. She also loves to draw coz her dream was to become a fashion designer. So she always used to draw her own designes and dresses and I was drawing my favorite cartoons and whatever I saw and had around me.

The above👆collage is full of Dora and her brother Tiyango and her friend Buji,a cute monkey with big boots. This, Dora and the explorer was my most favorite on that time😋 when i was in my secondary school. This was about the adventures of Dora with her friend Buji. Even till now sometimes I watch it on YouTube.

When I was growing older like I went to my final board exams,I got busy with my studies. Then after that I eventually draw to decorate my room, cupboards and my diaries.

Now, Novus Lectio has encouraged me to post my sketches. So,I just wanted to post it and then I have taken my old drawing notes from the loft and attached the photographs😁😁.

Feeling so great to share my childhood memories with you all my new blogger friends ✌️✌️.

Dhilshaa ❤️


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