Books are blessings😇: #1

We lose ourselves in books,
We find ourselves there too.

Books, which makes me happy always. Some books make me to cry and some make me strong. So let me share about my real happiness, BOOKS😇.

People found me odd all the time when I talk bookishly. Especially, my friends are feeling so annoyed because of my bookish Whatsapp statuses. But I can’t help with it.🙈🙊

I always try to remember my childhood, if there were any trace of me with books. Instead there was me hiding the books 😂😂, which my cousin brother used to bought me.

And my dad, he is a kind of proof to me how books can make a person wise, rational,well experienced and even more. I grow up by adoring my dad even till now and will always but that wasn’t worked out with the books. He tried once to make me read books but all in vain too 😂.

Here I could realise one thing, which my dad told me always. You can’t even do the easiest thing in the world without your own wish and the intention. I felt it so many times.

So, let me share about my first experience with book in next post 😜 stay connected.



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