Books are blessings 😇: 3

Reading is to the mind what
exercise is to the body.
– unknown

Yeah, books are such a medium to keep our mind healthy. Okay! So about my first experience on reading foreign language, English was really difficult for me. As a girl in a small town, I was not that much aware of English language’s importance. I studied it just as an another subject to score marks though I studied in English medium schools.

When I was about 16 years, I started to realise the importance of the language which is connecting the people across the world and my dad had an important role here.On my 11th grade vacation I decided to read English books too.

Then I searched for it in my dad’s cupboard as usual, we have really a different taste to read. And I picked a book named Believe and Achieve by an Australian writer Paul Hannah. That was not that much tough but I needed dictionary for the vocabularies.

Then I surfed on internet a lot about books, geners and authors. After completing school I had a long gap to choose a course for my higher studies. And what I chose was definitely led me here and my friends were just looked at me confusingly.That changed a relationship between me and books, really I too didn’t believe me yet.

Stay connected, will see you guys on my next post.

Thank you so much for reading.



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