Books are blessings 😇 :#4 #the end

It’s called READING
It’s how people install
new software into their brains.
– Unknown

Yes, I always want to install loads of new softwares into my brain. These kind of software will consume more time but which worth to spend time to. Do install loads of softwares and spare more space.

So, coming to my previous post, people so curious, i guess🙈. What I chose after my schooling was ofcourse no doubt, English Literature. But there is a reason why my friends were astonished by my choice.

Actually, I had a dream to became an animationist 😹from my 9 th grade. I was always fancied and uptodated about the course and colleges. I was always annoying my friends about my kind of obsession. Also I argued with my parents to select computer science group for my high school while they wanted me to select biology. There were plenty of incidents which made my friends to thought about me as a nut.😼

I don’t know why and how suddenly I changed my thought…… Yet I don’t have any regrets of what I chose. Instead I am so happy about it. But I didn’t get what I expected in my higher studies so I started to get it by my own. When I was looking for more I had a chance to read more and learned more about society, life, relationships and the balancing theory, everything. Ofcourse there is a lot to go and know and learn, I will never stop though.

I am a part of everything that
I have read.

When I think about my life, the best thing that ever happened to me and happening is my Books. I can feel that connection, literally. I have became so much matured now. I know that I am not happy and am not at the place where I wanted to be in my life. But still I feel blessed. Fortunately I have a good knowledge of choosing books too.

One must always be careful of Books
and what inside them for words have
power to change us.

My Almighty blessed me with the power of reading and understanding. Alhamdhullilah. Yes, I am blessed and more importantly my books are my blessings.

I am so glad to sharing my experience and thoughts with you all.

Thank you for reading.

Stay connected to my blog as well, I hope you will do.

God bless.



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